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First, foreign trade with the single 1 person

1, the age of 23-35, college or higher, English 4 or above;
2, the international export trailers, customs documents, customs clearance information and processes are familiar with;
3, careful and meticulous work, a strong resistance to pressure and responsibility, a factory with foreign trade work experience is preferred;

Second, foreign trade clerk 3 person

1, College degree or above, CET - 4 or above is good at reading, writing and familiar with foreign trade operation process;
2, familiar with LED and LED lighting products related to basic knowledge;
3, according to customer analysis of customer sales promotion program, a strong business negotiation capability;
4, with LED lighting or traditional light source lamp sales experience for more than two years is preferred;

Third, the structural engineer 2 person

1, age 23-40 years, mechanical and electrical, mechanical, automation and other professional, college education;
2, Familiar with the composition of LED lighting fixture, master product modeling, structural design, LED lamp beads light principle and the whole lamp thermal conductivity, heat principle;
3, more than 3 years experience in the development of commercial lighting products, familiar with the product design and development of technical processes, and various types of lighting industry standards;

Fourth, electronic engineers

1, college or bachelor degree, electronics, communications, automation or computer and other related professional
2, with more than 2 years of independent development experience in electronic products master ProteI99 SE PCB mapping software
3, proficiency in commonly used electrical and electronic materials and electrical products safety certification rules, the master of the microcontroller, the hard, the software has some basic knowledge

Five, accounting undergraduate

1, finance, finance, accounting and related professional graduate, accounting qualification certificate.
2, proficiency in the operation of the general taxpayer certification invoices, electronic reporting, receipt invoices, issuing various tax votes, upload statements.
3, Minimum 2 years or above working experience in manufacturing accounting.


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